Shooting platform game in a 2D intergalactic universe


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Hurrican offers you 9 levels full of action, shoots, enemies and an aesthetics from the eighties. Do you need anything else? Ok we can tell you that it's more than a simple remake of the classic Turrican Blast.

The graphics are good enough and it will have you hooked for hours, because there are more than those 9 levels. People create new levels and you can download them easily and for free. Walk and jump through the levels firing different weapons and bombs, power up your arsenal and fight the final boss of each level.

Enemies will appear all around the screen and you'll have to kill of them. Are they hard to beat? Don't worry, invite a friend and play the game in two players mode, exactly as the games you used to play in the pub. It will make you remmmber Ghost'n Goblins or Metal Slug, but n the future. Your enemies are robots and strange plants firing weeds.

A platform shooting game that will surprise you. Remember, Hurrican is totally free.
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